Personalized Medallion "Themed" Ornaments

*Custom Medallion Themed Keepsakes* can hold an image of your choice.

This Keepsake was purchasd as a gift for a newly engaged couple,
created with a black and white photo of the engagement ring.
(The date of their engagment is written on the back)

This toy was purchased for a baby shower gift. I copied a photo
of it, shrunk it down to create this Keepsake and personalized the
baby's name plus added a backplate with the year he will be born.

star shape w/snowman medallion

Whatever your theme is for parties, showers, baby's, crafters,
or any special occasion event or logo, I will make you a one-of-a-kind,
custom personalized keepsake ornament to be treasured forever!

Medallion ornaments are approx. 2" tall.
The lettering is aligned by eye. They are stamped and stained
individually by hand. This is not an exact process, therefore, the
inexactness is part of what lends originality to my work.
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Great for gift giving
* baby shower * newborn * infant * children *
* miscarriage * stillborn * grieving the loss of any loved one *
* comfort or encouragement for a friend or loved one *
* first birthday * christmas * valentines * engagement *
* wedding * anniversary * any special occasion or celebration *
* christian service * born again * dedication * baptism *
* etc. - etc. - etc *
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personalized, quality gifts from expectant mother to
bereavement and all of life in-between!
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Themed Medallion Ornaments
$20 ea.
Rustic/Wood Grain
$22 ea.
ornaments come with a compliementary {in stock} gift tag.
you can purchase custom themed gift tags for $3.00 ea.
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plus shipping

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To place an order please contact me at:
and I will create an invoice for you via PayPal.
If you DO NOT have a PayPal account, PayPal will give
you the option to pay with your credit card.

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