Handcrafted Little Sweetpea Angel Keepsakes
the most treasured gift of all
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* Mini Medallion Stars & Hearts *

{for other options see my "Mini's" web page}
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* Angels *

* Heart Color Preferences *

* Jute or Ribbon Hangers - Specialty Hearts *

Dried flowers or ashes can be embedded in the heart to commemorate
any special occasion or it will make a very thoughtful memorial keepsake.
I will use your fresh flowers or flowers you have saved for years.
I will embed dirt or sand from a destintation wedding, vacation,
sporting events or any other place that has a special meaning.
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The front banner on Angel Keepsakes can be hand stamped with a first or last name
or initials. The back side can be hand stamped with a handwritten name and/or date.
Mini "Themed" Keepsakes can have a name or date handwritten on the back.
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The lettering is aligned by eye.They are stamped
and stained individually by hand. This is not an
exact process, therefore, it will not be perfect!
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personalized, quality gifts from expectant mother to
bereavement and all of life in-between!
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great gift for first ornament and baby shower
(if you don't know the baby's name yet)
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thoughtful gifts for baby dedications, baptisms,
newborns and infants, children or adults as well.
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Please Note:
Angels take one week to
create after your order is paid.
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*1" Mini Medallion ~ $13
* 1" Mini Personalized Medallion ~ $15
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Angel Keepsake Ornaments
{approx. 3" in height}
* Texture ~ $23
* Folk Art ~ $23
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To place an order please contact me at:
and let me know what you would like to purchase.
I will create an invoice for you via PayPal and email it to you.
If you DO NOT have a PayPal account, PayPal will give
you the option to pay with your credit card.
(I do not ship internationally any longer. shipping in the usa only)

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