Memorial Keepsakes bring comfort
for grief in reaction to any loss.

I specialize in personalized, hand sculpted Keepsake Ornaments for all occasions of life,
however, a large part of my business is creating memorial angels. My heart goes out to
all families who suffer from the loss of a loved one or their beloved pet. I have been
doing this for over 25 years and it never gets easy knowing that people are grieving
and it never ceases to sadden my heart. Yet the feedback I receive assures from the
recipients that they are comforted by a tangible remembrance of their loved one.
That is what encourages me to continue creating personal memorials
and keeps me able to continue to do what I do.

*** ***
These hand crafted Memorial Keepsakes bring thoughtful
heartfelt comfort to people in any occasions of life who are grieving:
* suffering illness * surgery * trying time of life * bereavement *
*divorce * pets * our beloved friends and family *
* for loved ones who need reassurance they are not alone*


I will use YOUR fresh flowers and dry them to incorporate in
the heart, or I can use dried flowers you have kept for many years.

folk art or white bunting w/heart

personalized with your information

white bunting w/star

« « « PLEASE NOTE » » »
Each Angel is very carefully and lovingly hand-sculpted. I do not use any molds or
store bought parts, therefore, no two will ever be exactly alike ... this is what makes
every Keepsake Ornament a special little piece of art to be treasured forever!!!


my condolence to you and your loved ones

Personalized Back Plate

I handcraft the back plate and will
hand stamp a name and date upon request.

Paw Print Keepsake Ornament

hand textured black background

hand sculpted prim background

Paw Print ornaments are approx. 2" square and
will be hand stamped with the name of your choice on
the front and it can be stamped on the backside with a date.

*** ***
My Keepsakes are more than just ornaments, they
create everlasting memories for all who receive them.

*** ***
All of my Keepsakes are totally handcrafted
in the USA by me. I put hours of work and love into each one.
I do not use any molds and personalization is always free.

Although I use the same technique on every ornament,
please keep in mind that each one is individually handsculpted
and will be a little different from the keepsakes you see pictured.
*** ***
Whether it is to commemorate a happy or a
sad time, people appreciate a tangible, lasting memory.
And there is nothing more thoughtful than a to receive a
handcrafted, Keepsake created and personalized just for them.

Angel w/Heart/Star/Floral [approx. 3"] - $20.00 ea.
HOLD ITs [approx. 2"] - $20.00 ea.
Paw Print Ornament [approx. 2" square] - $10.00

To place an order please contact me at:
and I will create an invoice for you via PayPal
If you DO NOT have a PayPal account, PayPal will give
you the option to pay with your credit card.

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